Innovative Street Technologies

Adam (CEO) started working on cars from a very young age. Coming from a family with not much money, he had to become handy with tools if he wanted nice things. At 14 he purchased his first car and this became his test bed for learning all of the basics. This same car has grown as much as his knowledge base has. The car is now a world record holder know as “Golddigger”. He has met and exceeded his goals with the car time and time again and has grown a following in doing so.

We as a business have been established in Northwest Florida since 2015. The business started as a hobby shop, but with the following it received, we quickly outgrew that idea. In 2016, we got a brick-and-mortar location in Niceville as a little two bay shop down a gravel drive. Next thing we knew we had everything from fleet vehicles to exotics pulling down that gravel drive. We knew then that we needed a larger location, so we relocated to Valparaiso FL, and quickly gained traction at the new location. We shifted our focus to performance vehicles and away from the day-to-day trucks and cars. We have operated all these years based on word of mouth, and I think that speaks for itself.

Some of our Work

Velocity in the Making