When you bring your vehicle to Innovative Street Technologies, we ensure that your drive train and suspension systems are correctly working. Our experts are standing by to troubleshoot the problem. Following that, we will guide you through the different alternatives, ensuring that you are safe and confident in the state of your car. Our repairs involve extensive diagnostics, and we will make sure that your vehicle is restored to its peak operating condition.

How the drivetrain & suspension system works

The drivetrain system creates the necessary power for your vehicle to drive. Your engine, gearbox, wheels, and driveshaft are all components of your drivetrain. These pieces must all operate together, and if something goes wrong, your car’s drivability functionality suffers dramatically.

Our powertrain and suspension servicing can make a significant difference when it comes to maximum vehicle performance. Heavy wear on one corner of your tires, vibrations or “pulling” when steering, or fluid leaks between the drive wheels are all symptoms that you may require drivetrain and suspension service.

Why is drivetrain & suspension service necessary?

A robust suspension and driveshaft system is not only essential for your safety and the stability of your vehicle, but it is also cost-effective. In addition, these devices improve fuel economy, resulting in more miles per gallon and fewer trips to the gas station.

When you maintain your drivetrain, your engine runs more effectively, resulting in a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Your suspension system transmits engine power to the wheels via your drive train. As your vehicle moves down the road, the suspension system maintains balance and absorbs stress from bumps, potholes, and other road hazards. If you don’t maintain your suspension system, you end up with more than just an unpleasant ride; you will have a risky vehicle